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Pamela Donnelly on Larry King

"As a dad, there is nothing I want more than help my children fulfill their potential. Pamela Donnelly's expertise helps parents like you and me optimize the futures of our sons and daughters."
- Larry King

As a professional educator, college admissions specialist, and mom of three, I have dedicated the past 23 years to helping parents like you get teens like yours into the best possible colleges. I invite you to explore this site to learn more about me: my books on Amazon, Los Angeles-based tutoring agency, live events, and educational reform advocacy. As a Pepperdine University PhD candidate focused on increasing equitable college access, I'm committed to this as my life's work. Welcome to my website.

Time Magazine interview

My interview with Time Magazine above gives a taste of my work in the national media. For more, Click HERE to visit my media page.

I trust you see my commitment to serving students so they achieve their academic goals. The college admissions process can be such a confusing ordeal. I've spent many years researching best practices to enable your son or daughter to truly shine in these challenging times. Imagine knowing what to expect and how to strategize well ahead of time. Take my hand, and I'll lead you there every step of the way. It's all about protecting their options.

Pamela Donnelly

"Remember, detours dictate destinations. That’s why I've developed content, technology, and one-on-one services with the best tutoring team in LA to give your student the competitive edge."- Pamela


GATE System For College

GATE is an acronym delineating the four mission critical areas necessary for students to competitively position themselves in the college admissions process – Grades, Applications, Testing and Essays.

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